Amanda Lilley

My Journey into UX

I’ve been designing in some capacity most of my life. My early years were spent studying architecture and designing floor plans in AutoCAD. I carried my love for design into the fashion industry and began a career as a knitwear designer. Writing knitting patterns taught me how to translate complicated instructions into elegant designs.


While I’ve always had an interest in design, it wasn’t until I discovered programming that I realized I’d found my true passion. I then completed a nine-month mentorship focused on user experience design, and frontend development.

Life Long Learner

I absolutely love to learn and spend a good portion of each day learning through online courses, listening to design interviews by High Resolution, reading design and development articles, and keeping up with the latest work of the IDEO team.

Beyond Design and Development

I’m a wife, mother of two daughters, and woman of Christian faith. When I'm not designing with wool or pixels, I like to spend my time in prison ministry and serving families affected by incarceration.

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